Terms of Use

Interpretation: The interpretation of these terms, conditions and obligations of use, will always be that which is assigned to the words in the content, at the will of the parties and always seeking compliance with the law.
Notwithstanding the foregoing and without this interpretation or definition of terms being considered limiting, if not explanatory, the following will be understood in these terms of service:
When the phrase ESCORTS MEXICO is found in this document, it refers to the website www.escortsmexico.com.mx or www.escortsmexico.mx and it is the same when we refer to ourselves in this document.
Content.- When used in this document or on the website, these terms refer to any type of material that has been uploaded to the Divina VIP page, by any user (host or visitor) including any photo, video , audio (such as discussion, music and any other sounds), livestream material, data, text, metadata, images, any interactive material, emojis, GIFs, memes and any other material.
“Host”.- means the user who has opened his account on the Escorts Mexico page, as a host and who uploads content to be seen by visitors.
Visitor.- means any user who follows a host and who can see the content of the host's publications.
Register to Divina VIP: Access to the page is free, anyone can do it and visit it, however, there are some sections of the page that require registration, in which only your name and email will be requested, and you will will send you a number or username.
In order to access the page you must declare that the visitor and the host are over 18 years of age, which is the legal age for the Mexican Republic, address of this page, to be able to access adult content.
In the event that the visit is made from a country in which the legal age to access pages with adult content is greater than eighteen years, people should not access the page, so once When you access the site, it is understood that the user declares UNDER PROTEST TO TELL THE TRUTH, that access to this page is free and that no one forced them to enter or look at its content and that they are of legal age in the country in which they visit us. .
For this reason, it is that the person who is given a password, will previously have to prove and/or declare that he/she is of legal age in the Mexican Republic and, therefore, undertakes to protect and take care of the access password, in the understanding that any misuse of the password will be the full responsibility of the owner of the password.
The user of the page is obliged to comply with these terms of use and reference and in case of non-compliance, they can perform, among other things: suspension of access to any content, or to upload any type of information and even inform the authorities corresponding, in your case you can request the review of the decision by sending an email to the address [email protected], and all the information will be sent to you to submit your case for review.
If we suspend your access or delete you from the page, you will be notified via email, without Divina VIP being obliged to follow up on the email sent to you.
We reserve the right at our discretion to terminate the agreement to use and access the Divina VIP page, for any reason by giving 30 days notice via email.
If we believe that you have or are likely to have seriously, repeatedly or singly violated any part of the Terms of Reference, Service or Use, or that you are attempting to violate or break them, we will take any action that in our opinion is reasonable and equivalent to the level of breach.
In case of termination of the account and the service, the user who has posted or uploaded information or any content to the page must in a period not exceeding 10 calendar days after the notice of termination of the account has been notified and of the service to your email, request the return of your information and content, otherwise, we will decide the most appropriate way in accordance with the privacy notice to dispose of the content and information, in the understanding that it can even reach destruction of content and information.
The user, at the time of entering the page, accepts that we have the power to investigate any suspicion or allegation of misuse, abuse or violation of the law that occurs on the Divina vip page, and where appropriate collaborate with the authorities in the event that a crime had been committed, so we will be legally empowered to deliver all kinds of information to the competent authorities when they require us to do so in the use of their legal powers.
Situations for which we are not responsible, although it is true that we will take reasonable care in accordance with our possibilities so that the Divina VIP page is according to your needs, there are certain situations that are out of our control, which are listed below But not limited to:
We do not authorize or approve the content found on the Divina VIP page, as well as the vision and opinions of the users of the page, so it does not necessarily represent our point of view, opinion or feelings.
We do not grant any rights in relation to the content that is advertised or found on the Divina VIP page. Any right related to any publication, opinion or any other material found on the page, in relation to the rights must be dealt with directly with the owner of the right.
The content that is published on the page may be seen by people who can recognize your identity, so we will not be responsible in any way if any user derived from the content on the page is identified. Although it is true that on the page we can use some type of georeference or geolocation at our convenience, we are not responsible for the effectiveness or precision of said technology, so we cannot be claimed for the use of that technology or for the effectiveness of is.
All content is created, selected and provided by users, not by us. Therefore, we are not responsible for reviewing or moderating the content, and we do not select or modify the content that is saved or transmitted on the Divina VIP page. Therefore, we have no obligation to monitor the content or detect violations of the terms of use and service.
By entering the page or using its portals, you accept that we have no obligation to follow any suggestion, comment, review or instruction received by users of the Divina VIP page, so if any user does so, it will be at their own risk. risk.
The materials that are accessible on the Divina VIP page for users are for general information only. We make no promises or warranties about the accuracy of the materials or whether users will achieve any particular results from the use of such materials.
We do not promise that the Divina VIP page is compatible with all devices and operating systems, the user will be responsible for configuring or obtaining the technology, device or computer program necessary to access the Divina VIP page, as well as that he must get your own protection software.
We will not be responsible for the Internet access that each user has in their technology, as well as for the errors in their connection, equipment or in their software that may occur in relation to the use of the Divina VIP page.
We will do everything necessary to ensure that the Divina VIP page is safe and virus free, we do not promise that these situations may or may not have control over the content that is provided by the creators.
We will not be responsible, for the loss, theft or that the user account is compromised for any reason, in your password, email, account, or for the result of unauthorized activities.
In the same way, we will not be responsible for any monetary, economic, or promise transaction that exists between the user and the creator, since it is strictly prohibited to carry out economic, monetary, or promise transactions on this page.
The user accepts that once the content is on the page, we cannot control and we will not control the use that third parties give to the material, however you can delete your material at any time, but you must be aware that the fact deleting the material does not limit its circulation by third parties, and that this situation will not be our responsibility.
Intellectual property rights and licenses.
At the time you upload material to the page, you expressly declare that you are the owner or legal holder of said material, and that therefore you have the legal right to use it, in this country or in any other, if not, you We ask that you refrain from uploading material for which you do not own the intellectual property rights or licenses, or otherwise we will be forced in the face of any complaint to do so to the knowledge of the corresponding authorities.
Usage Policies.
By using our website, you agree to these policies, so please read them carefully.
These policies apply to the use of Escorts Mexico, and all the content found on the website or that is part of it, so everything is considered fully included in the agreement you have with us for having entered the page. This policy includes what is permitted and what is prohibited, however it does not exclude the possibility that we may determine what else is included or excluded.
Do not use or access the Divina VIP page, if it is not for your personal use, do not sell, rent, transfer, share your account or any content that you have access to when entering the page, to any other person.
Use the Divine VIP page, only for activities that are authorized by Law.
Do not upload, display or post content that is illegal, fraudulent, defamatory, discriminatory that threatens or harasses anyone that promotes violence or hatred against others based on gender, race, religion or political issues or that promotes any illegal activity.
Do not use the page in any way that could mean, understand or could generate exploitation, damage, or attempted exploitation or damage of any individual under the age of eighteen, for example exposing them to inappropriate content.
Do not upload, upload, post or publish, or make shows that, refer to:
Persons under the age of eighteen, even when arguing that they have the permission or supervision of an adult, likewise do not do shows or promote or advertise or refer to:
Weapons, or activities that imply the use of weapons or that promote the use of weapons, or that can be considered a crime, is the same for drugs, do not promote the use of drugs, their possession or encourage their use The same happens with harming or committing suicide, incest, bestiality, violence, rape, sexual assault, torture, sadomasochism, or any type of extreme sexual practice that may cause harm to the person who performs it.
In the event that the content you publish has nudity, or sexual activity, you must verify that it is between two older adults and that they have their consent, in case it is recorded or advertised in a country where it is prohibited, This page from this moment is disassociated from that material.

Escorts Mexico Team.
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